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Tait 8100 8200 Series Radios

Tait 8100/8220 Radios Model Codes and Identification The product codes of the radio bodies have the format:TMABbc–ddee[f] where: ■ b identifies the architecture of the digital board: 1=conventional analog 2=conventional analog (dual-mode capability) 3 identifies the digital boards of the digital TM9100 product line. ■ c identifies the RF output power: 2=25W, 3=25W (trigger-base), 4=30… Read More »Tait 8100 8200 Series Radios

Tait 2000 Series Radios

If you need to create some new power-looms for your Tait 2000 Series radios, finding Tait documentation for replacements is difficult. See below the connector and pin details. Thanks to VK6YSF (Peter) for his content helping me learn to programme and work with these radios! Model Codes and Identification See a full-break down listed below… Read More »Tait 2000 Series Radios